Exemplary Project

VIP Transport

VIP Transport is a transportation company that provides exclusively France-Turkey transport service with its more than 200 trucks. The company is the leader of the France-Turkey line with this vision and also is the winner of the 2021 Logistics Company of the Year award. Branded Digital is the only agency they prefer since 2019.

Customer Requests

Project Goals

Designs that will enrich the brand image of VIP Transport and reflect the company profile in the most accurate way, and digital marketing applications that will increase its visibility on the internet.

What Have We Accomplished

Website Design

Project Steps


User persona study

A company manager persona who works for an export-import company was created. Storyboards were designed to show when and how a logistics company will be consulted and selected.



The websites of local and foreign companies in the logistics sector were examined and analyzed in detail. The expectations of the target customer group and what the company wanted to offer were discussed in a common framework.


Content preparation and Wireframing


Usage of images

Ground and aerial photographs of offices, facilities, and trucks, shot by the Branded Digital production team. These media was individually optimized for the web and placed on the site as elements that strengthen the company’s representation.


Fundamental SEO Activities

By taking the basic SEO steps we did on every website we complete, the site was made ready for success in Google.


User testing and optimization

After the initial design was completed, an experimental group of 5 people was allowed to experience the website. Problems and suggestions experienced during user experiences were noted. The site was perfected by optimizing the design.


Company feedbacks

The website completed its first design cycle and was presented at a meeting with VIP Transport managers.
The points reflected in the meeting notes for addition and editing were studiously revised.


Going online

After the revision traffic, the new site was replaced with the old site with the approval of all managers.
We have designed a corporate website that allows its visitors to navigate the site easily with its simple and elegant design, where the brand expresses itself fully and looks nice on all devices due to its responsive design.
Branded horizontal f Black site logo

Video Production

and Photo Shooting

At the head office of VIP Transport in Hadimkoy, we took photos of the facility and its trucks, and made video footage with a gimbal camera from the ground and a drone camera from the air.
For VIP Transport, which works France-focused, we chose a catchy French song and made the video editing.

Social Media Management

We took over VIP Transport’s social media accounts’ management to increase their digital prestige and brand popularity in digital channels.
In addition to posts about the brand and the sector, we make exclusively unique designs on special days selected by the company, monthly.
branded digital instagram-viptransportturkey-2023

Search Engine Optimization

As a result of our sectoral analysis, we identified 12 keywords related to the “transportation to France“ sector. We started our work on www.viptransport.com.tr, where no SEO work has been done before.

As a result of our SEO works specific to these keywords, we achieved being listed on the first page in all the keywords we targeted after 6 months.
Our new goal is to rank on top in all keywords.
We are being welcomed to Google’s organic lists, the most prestigious place to be visible online!

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